Summer Spotlight: Orange Blossom

Imagine a joyous day with fresh floral blooms on a sun kissed summer afternoon. Sounds like a day full of sweet summer memories, isn’t it? That’s probably what wearing an Orange Blossom fragrance is like. Citrusy, bright, sweet and romantic – it is truly an ode to summer.

Admired for centuries thanks to its decadent, sensual and exotic properties, Orange Blossom is a white fragrant flower of the orange tree. Its been crucial in perfume making since the advent of time and a known aphrodisiac.

Not only that, it has long been associated with good fortune and used in bridal bouquets and head wreaths for weddings. The expression “to gather orange blossoms” finds its origins from this beautiful tradition. No wonder Orange Blossom has formed the essence for all classic fragrances over the years.

Coming back to fragrances, Orange Blossom lends such harmony and balance to perfume compositions that it’s the go-to fragrance ingredient for a fresh, citrusy touch. Rich and potent even in low concentrations, it beautifully complements citrus, floral and woody notes.

Do you have memories that lingers with the scent of summer? If so, then let the magic of orange blossom remind you of what summer felt like. Let us concoct a magical potion for your memories to live forever.

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