Scent Stories


Scent Back In Time – Mesopotamian Era

There’s a touch of mystery and intrigue in the history of fragrances. You sense it the moment you read about historic perfumers whose existence dates back to as far as 1200 BCE. The enchanting and captivating world of ancient perfumery...


Summer Spotlight: Orange Blossom

Imagine a joyous day with fresh floral blooms on a sun kissed summer afternoon. Sounds like a day full of sweet summer memories, isn’t it? That’s probably what wearing an Orange Blossom fragrance is like. Citrusy, bright, sweet and...


Spring has sprung

What do you love about the spring season? Is it the bees humming over the fresh blooms; the sweet enchanting sounds of the cuckoo; is it the colourful flowers that flutter in the breeze; or the freshness of the freshly-cut grass?...


Musings of the Nose – John Stephen

Isn’t it amazing how one can relive emotions that were long forgotten, just by a whiff? Today happens to be the day dedicated to the world of fragrances. And what better way to celebrate this day than to share with you the scent...


Musings of the Nose

March 21st is the day dedicated to fragrances. While we enthusiastically urge people to celebrate their scent memories everday, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the scent memories of our esteemed nose – Sarah...


Do you have a scent wardrobe?

To borrow the words of artisan perfumer Mandy Aftel – “Perfume is more forgiving than fashion. You don’t have to worry about fitting into a dress and it’s certainly reasonable and vibrant than a designer outfit”. A single dress...


As Ubiquitous As Vanilla

Universally loved, the smell of vanilla triggers so many emotions and the most cherished of memories. An undisputed classic, it’s a key ingredient in some of the most iconic perfumes ever made. Being the second most expensive spice...


The Rise of Luxury Fragrances

Perfumes were once regarded a luxury that only a few could afford. If you look at things historically, they were prepared for the royals and the elite and deemed as a status symbol. But with time and evolution of human needs and...


Psychology of Perfumes

We all know that our nose and our brain work together to discover a smell. As the brain processes a smell, it creates a connection between specific scents and memories (which makes it possible for us to conjure up a memory at a later...


Seeking Solace in Scents

We all have our way to deal with uncomfortable times. Some find solace in a good old book, some find soft music calming, some rely on their favourite comfort food, whereas people who are driven by the nose rely on scents for comfort....


Fragrance that matches your personality

The scent we leave as a trail offers a glimpse into our unique personality. It has the power to become an unforgettable memory, an enchanting story that we offer to tell without much talk. Finding a fragrance that’s a reflection of...

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