Srila Glass Artist

In the unlikeliest of places, nestled in a lane just off one of Kolkata’s busiest roads lies the quiet, often overcrowded studio where Srila Mookherjee, India’s first studio glass blower, practices her craft. Every piece she creates is a unique combination of colour, form and artistic expression making them truly one of a kind.

Trained in ceramics at the prestigious National Institute of Design, Srila then went on to spend some months in Finnish Lapland as an apprentice at Pentik, tableware makers. It was in London however where she first picked up the art of glass blowing under the tutelage of Anthony Stern.

Now, over two decades later, she continues to create magic from molten glass, always striving to explore and challenge the possibilities of this exciting medium.

Her Workshop

The day she decides to get into the studio, it is typically at the break of dawn. She gives shape to the molten liquid blow by blow. Adding colours, patterns as her creative flow decides. The tough conditions of the heat not withstanding, each session can be physically draining. But the process is emotionally exhilarating.

Work of Art

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