Seeking Solace in Scents

We all have our way to deal with uncomfortable times. Some find solace in a good old book, some find soft music calming, some rely on their favourite comfort food, whereas people who are driven by the nose rely on scents for comfort.

It is amazing how a familiar scent can instantly take us back to our happy place and make us relive happy memories. The connection between the brain and our emotions is the driving factor that almost makes time travel a possibility. Anyone who is driven by the nose will agree to this notion.

Comfort Scents

It’s amazing how certain aromas speak to us or the way they create an instant memory that perhaps lives on forever through that particular scent. Whether it is the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee or a freshly baked cake, when you smell freshly cut grass, drinking chamomile tea, how you can soak your stress away in a lavender-scented bath and be at peace with the world around you. The crazy world starts making sense with each whiff, doesn’t it?

Scents are definitely therapeutic and heal our mind, body and soul. What are your comfort scents? Comment below and tell us! And if you would like to translate a familiar memory/emotion into a fragrance, we can help you with that too! Just ask Taputti!

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