McCartney, Perfumer

Sarah’s has been an unusual career path. After 20 years as a copywriter, she took some time off to write a novel featuring a problem-solving perfumer. In it, she described the scents her perfumer made, and Sarah set out to find fragrances which matched her descriptions, but they weren’t available to buy, so she decided to create them herself. 4160Tuesdays is the result.

Sarah finds true joy in creating bespoke perfumes. The excitement of a client finding that magical scent composition and building deep personal connect is what make the journey satisfying for her.

Her Creative Escape

Bespoke session interactions with Sarah are fun and light hearted. With her inquisitive nature she manages to draw the true desires of her clients. As she embarks on her creative journey with a child like enthusiasm she draws inspiration from this understanding . She normally roots her creative sparks in the places, memories and your habits. Making sure that the final creation is harmonised yet sparklingly surprising.

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The Signature Range

[content_band bg_pattern="" parallax="true" border="all" inner_container="true"] [custom_headline style="margin-top: 0; padding-top:40px; color:#fff" level="h4" looks_like="h3"]The Moon, The Bottle And Real Gold [/custom_headline]

The inspiration behind the design was the moon. The circles on the bottle appear in four different directions like a crescent moon seen from different places and times, moving every week.

The gold print on them is made using real gold in the ink.

Her fragrances are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and made in small batches of 50 to 200 bottles at the studio in West London.


Rosa Ribes
A blackcurrant, rose chypre with citrus fruits, moss, myrrh and musk, Sarah’s own personal perfume.

Mother Nature’s Naughty Daughters
Using nature’s harvest – rose, broom, cedarmoss, raspberry, strawberry and opoponax, + Hedione and Maltol. Deliciously naughty.

Sleep Knot
With jasmine, ylang, sandalwood and black pepper – aphrodisiacs of eastern mythology- for nights when you don’t plan to sleep.

Be Careful What You Wish For
A fruity oudh, so fruity that you would scarcely notice there’s oudh in here at all. Actually there are five: four from Dubai and gaharu buaya, white oudh, to add a rich, warmth.

Midnight in the Palace Garden
A hot moonlit night in an eastern courtyard, made with five accords: woods, white flowers, musks, vanilla and fruit.

Goddess of Love & Perfume
The fragrance we like to think Aphrodite would wear to descend to earth and seduce youthful shepherds: the ultimate floral, fruity chypre, with added musk.