The Rise of Luxury Fragrances

Perfumes were once regarded a luxury that only a few could afford. If you look at things historically, they were prepared for the royals and the elite and deemed as a status symbol. But with time and evolution of human needs and preferences, the demand for luxury fragrances grew. Fast forward to today’s era where it’s all about customisation and fragrances don’t fall too far of this game. If we are to believe what the industry experts have to say, then we can certainly expect a boost in luxury products in the years to come, especially in developing countries as such.

We as consumers are now more focused on how a fragrance evokes our individual personality rather than adhering to gender norms. The effect that fragrances have on our mind and body, especially the ability to conjure up our deepest emotions and memories, has brought bespoke fragrances on the limelight (and rightly so!)

The need for luxury perfumes in the local market is on the rise. Here’s why:

Higher Emphasis on Grooming – The world today has taken up grooming quite seriously. It is not just limited to being neat and tidy. It’s more about creating a positive image through your attire and fragrance. Perfumes enhance one’s personality as such and build an aura of sophistication. Creating a fragrance that’s an extension of one’s personality is on demand and that’s where luxury fragrances dive in.

Higher demand from the millenials – Millenials are highly brand conscious and do not compromise on quality. With people getting more confident on purchasing premium products online, luxury perfumes can easily be bought from anywhere in the world without compromising on its authenticity. People take note of the fragrance ingredients of a perfume as each ingredient matters and speaks to the nose differently.

Gifts – The rise in disposable income has favoured the demand for luxury perfumes as a gifting option. Regarded as one of the most sophisticated of gifts, perfumes can also be easily customised to suit your emotions and memories. That’s where bespoke fragrances come in. Customised to the T, bespoke fragrances have the power to translate your happiest of moments into liquid memories.

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