Psychology of Perfumes

We all know that our nose and our brain work together to discover a smell. As the brain processes a smell, it creates a connection between specific scents and memories (which makes it possible for us to conjure up a memory at a later date).

According to Psychology of Perfumes, we tend to prefer fragrances that are similar to our biological scent.
Having said that, there are four factors that compel us to buy a fragrance:

• Women are instantly drawn to scent whereas men are instantly drawn to its image.

• Women usually buy a perfume that connects to them emotionally. Whether it brings out memories of the past or a vision of the future, a fragrance has to evoke an emotion for a woman to be persuaded to purchase it.

• The third factor is the image of the perfume. Right from the packaging, to the bottle, the creative design, the creative ad, as well as the celebrity who endorses a particular perfume; all of these are responsible for creating an image of the perfume.

• Last but not the least, the ingredients of the perfume goes a long way in triggering love for it. Whether it is a single ingredient or the entire fragrance note composition, what lies beneath is an important factor in compelling us to buy a fragrance.

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