Musings of the Nose

March 21st is the day dedicated to fragrances. While we enthusiastically urge people to celebrate their scent memories everday, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the scent memories of our esteemed nose – Sarah McCartney.

Guided by the passion for fragrances, Sarah finds true joy in creating bespoke perfumes. We asked about her favourite perfume/fragrance that brings back happy memories, and she had this to say:

“Diorella from Christian Dior was my first sophisticated fragrance as a reward for passing my exams when I was 16. I still remember the long hot summer after I had completed my O Levels. Soon after my exams ended, we went on a holiday to Scotland to explore the mountain wildernesses and I’d saved up enough money to buy myself a proper perfume.

We went to a department store where a wonderful lady treated me like a proper grown-up customer and introduced me to Diorella. She told me in a gentle Scottish accent that it reminded her of overripe peaches. Me too! I loved its fruitiness. Diorella is a classic fragrance that will always remain special to me”.

When asked about her favourite fragrance ingredient she uses while concocting new fragrances, she shared: “My current favourite fragrance ingredient is Orris, that’s made from Iris Root. It gives an original powdery smell and blends well with woods, other flowers, musks and even dark fruits”.

Celebrate Your Scent Memories

Whether it’s the smell of vanilla or the kick of freshly cut grass, or something truly unique to you, we want you to share your scent memories with us this International Fragrance Day. Comment below and tell us!

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