John Stephen, Perfumer

[dropcap]H [/dropcap]e is “the nose” behind some of the most recognisable and successful fragrances in the world, making him one of the most qualified and esteemed Perfumers. With over 40 years’ experience in producing quality perfume for some of the biggest names in the industry he is one of the top five independent perfumers in the UK.

Where Art Meets Science

John is also a Chartered Chemist. He has acquired an enviable reputation for creating high-end, bespoke fragrances. This reputation has led to an impressive customer portfolio, including a number of high profile individuals including Her Majesty the Queen!

The creation process is every bit scientific as it is an art. Only the experience and skills such as his can compose the harmony amongst ingredients. John is particular about using the finest of materials, sourced from around the world, the end result … fragrances like no other.

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