Fragrance that matches your personality

The scent we leave as a trail offers a glimpse into our unique personality. It has the power to become an unforgettable memory, an enchanting story that we offer to tell without much talk.

Finding a fragrance that’s a reflection of your personality can at times seem like a daunting task. Each one of us have different tastes, choices and personalities, all unique and special in their own way.

Choosing the right scent is a deeply personal and individual journey…because not only does it need to smell nice, it needs to suit your personality too! Easier said than done.

A perfume bottle right off the counter may be a simple and convenient way but it may not do justice to our unique self. Because unless you know whether you’re into florals or fougère, citrus or musk, aquatic or oriental; you’ll probably be barking on the wrong tree.

Finding a fragrance that suits us should not be such a struggle, should it? It’s time you discovered the world of signature scents aka bespoke fragrances aka scents that are customised to the T.

Perfumers have made custom scents for the rich and high society for centuries. The royals weren’t really considered a real royal until they had their own bespoke fragrance. But as the fragrances got popular and widely produced, it became an industry and the idea of custom scents became a thing of the past – until now.

Thanks to the demand in customisation, the bespoke fragrance buzz is catching up.
So if you are a novice fragrance enthusiast, let us help you discover a fragrance that matches your personality.

Our one-of-a-kind fragrance recommendation advisor and explorer – Taputti will find the best perfume recommendations for you based on your unique personality: Tapputi. Let’s demystify fragrance selection for you!

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