Do you have a scent wardrobe?

You probably maintain a carefully curated wardrobe to express yourselves fashionably. But do you have a scent wardrobe too?
Whether the flavour of the day is casual, sexy or sophisticated, different set of fragrances complement different mood or occasions.

To borrow the words of artisan perfumer Mandy Aftel – “Perfume is more forgiving than fashion. You don’t have to worry about fitting into a dress and it’s certainly reasonable and vibrant than a designer outfit”. A single dress fails to complete your fashion wardrobe, and every element of you cannot be defined into one category and bottled into a fragrance. When you buy a new scent, there are always three things to consider – season, occasion and mood. A fragrance built for the day will not do justice to a night out and vice versa. A fragrance built for summers might not work that effectively in winters and vice versa. A fragrance meant for an evening out might not be appropriate for a job interview and vice versa.

Invest in a scent wardrobe the same way you would for a regular wardrobe. Try different fragrances suited for different occasions and moods. Explore the world of fragrances, find the ones that speak your story and make them a part of your scent wardrobe. Because you’re never fully dressed without a befitting fragrance.

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