Your Journey

1. Briefing

A personalised consultation with our perfumer helps understand your dreams, mood, personality and memories. The session helps the perfumer get a deeper understanding of the notes that inspire you, the notes that are not in harmony with you, mapping the fragrance preferences and connecting them to your moods. There might be a structured questionnaire or it could be free-wheeling, whatever it takes our perfumer to understand what you want. This session could take up to a 90 minutes.

2. Creation

Our master perfumers then combine the personal sketch with their creative interpretation to weave their fragrance interpretation. Drawing upon their creative skills and years of practised mastery they create a unique composition. Combining an array of pure and exclusive individual essential oils to create three unique compositions.

3. Experience

Explore the three interpretations at leisure. Feel the fragrances talk to you. Experience the evolution. Allow all the notes of the fragrance to reveal themselves. Should you fall in love with any one of them on first application then we shall proceed to final production else we will take feedback and revert with modified compositions or create new ones. You will have the option of two trials to fall in love with your bespoke composition.

4. Personalisation

As you get your first batch of samplers we also begin the process of designing your bottle and label. You have an option of choosing a bespoke hand crafted perfume bottle, hand blown and signed by our Glass Artists or choose from a set of specially curated bottles. Our designers will work with you to make sure that the design of the label is as unique as the perfume and the bottle itself, making the entire journey of your Bespoke perfume truly Bespoke.