Fragrance, A New Dimension For Your Brand





Brand Olfactory Identity

‘Create The Right Emotions In 8 Seconds.’

Brand Olfactory Identity is a unique fragrance composition designed to communicate the emotional values and identity of your brand. Just as the visual identity uses colour, form, typography and logo, the Brand Olfactory Identity uses essential oils and fragrance compounds to create a unique composition that reflects the distinctive profile of your brand.



Why is it important?

‘Connect With Your Customers At An Emotional And Sub-Conscious Level.’

75% of our emotions can be generated by smell. Scent is the first moment of truth when a customer steps into the brand zone. Having a Brand Olfactory Identity helps in creating a non-interfering ambience that establishes an emotional footprint of your brand. This enhances the time spent by the customer in the outlets, thus increasing sales.



How Does it Work?

‘Your Unique Fragrance Composition.’

The sense of smell is the most powerful and emotional of all senses. The brain responds to smell even before it has time to think. Scent decoding happens in the limbic part of the brain, which also stores our memories and is responsible for our emotional response.

Brand Olfactory Identity establishes the brand’s emotional message at the sub-conscious part of the human psyche. Which is what makes it powerful and long-lasting.

The Process


Understanding the values of the Brand. Identifying the Emotional footprint. Scoping the expected outcome. Identifying points of impact.

Perfume Creation

Perfume creation by our Master Perfumers. Finalisation of diffusion methodology and touch points.


Presentation of options. Consumer research. Finalisation.


Final production and implementation as per requirements.

Industries That Can Benefit

Retail Space

In this world of digital shopping, the instore experience has never been more critical. The time spent creates an impression that lasts beyond a single purchase. The need to create a memorable emotional connection with your consumer becomes paramount.

Engaging with your consumers’ senses is a powerful way to sell your brand. We work with leading retail brands to enhance their in-store scent experience with high quality diffusion machines. 90% of all purchasing decisions happen subconsciously. A Bespoke scent that speaks your brand language can help increase dwell time, sales and build consumer loyalty.

Cars and Dealerships

The key focus for every car dealership & showroom is to ensure a pleasant customer experience. Creating a pleasant ambience that aligns with your brand’s identity builds a memorable customer experience. Studies suggest how the sense of smell helps drive sales significantly.

We help automotive businesses in creating a multi-sensory experience to form a stronger and memorable connection with every visit. We help you to create a luxurious scent with a custom fragrance that can be diffused through a professional diffusing system.

Airline and Airport Lounges

Research points that consumers recall aromas with 65% accuracy within an year. Developing a custom scent enhances a positive experience which translates into a better brand loyalty and perception.

Enhance the sensory journey and celebrate the unique personality of your brand through a bespoke fragrance. Connect with your customers at every touch point, be it the check-In desk, airport lounge or inside the aircraft.


Authentic interaction with brands is desired by every consumer on every aspect of communication. Financial institutions and banks are no exception. In this highly competitive world, the concept of branch banking has evolved offering unique experiences. The aim is to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure brand retention.

Scents in banks creates a relaxing atmosphere for a positive customer experience. An effective scent can elicit the right emotions and promote brand consistency, thereby providing customers with a pleasant experience every time they visit a branch.

Real Estate

For luxury commercial and residential projects, the right ambience is the key. It helps to create a sense of warmth and comfort. 3003BC works closely with designers, developers, consultants and facility experts to help position their building projects as truly luxurious.

Introducing a luxurious fragrance within the building/home or throughout the building complex helps create a sense of home and increase the overall look and feel of your property. Whether it is an office environment, multi-tenant office lobby, show offices or homes, we help real estate businesses to enhance the overall buyer experience.


First impressions are always crucial, why not make it unique? Create a perfect aromatic ambience for your guests and leave a lasting and positive impression. Our professional bespoke scent solutions for hotels are designed exactly to do that.

We offer the best fragrance solutions that are in tune with the feeling your brand wants to create. We build your chosen scent identity into a variety of bespoke products such as reed diffusers, room spray, aromatic candles, corporate gifts, etc..


A positive workplace surrounding has a positive impact on an employee’s creativity. Thus, more and more companies are trying to inspire and stimulate the creative instincts of their employees with custom scents, apart from just lighting and open space.

Scent is known to uplift mood, make employees far more alert, reduce the chance of errors and promote cooperation. If you are in the Lifestyle world not having a scent would be a crime! By placing a scent diffusion machine in your waiting room or your lobby, you can create a pleasant environment for visitors as well.


To creating a relaxing environment for staff and patients, healthcare facilities rely on the sense of smell to evoke positive emotions. Studies prove that our sense of smell has the ability to control how we perceive a place. The right scent can create a calming experience for a patient/visitor and build a positive perception on personal wellness and quality. It makes a patient feel relaxed and calm.

We build custom fragrances for healthcare industries to enhance their patient/visitor experience and create a pleasant ambience to relax the senses. Our custom designed fragrances can be distributed through professional wall-mounted diffusers or HVAC systems to cover the nook and corner of your hospital/clinic.

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