As Ubiquitous As Vanilla

Universally loved, the smell of vanilla triggers so many emotions and the most cherished of memories. An undisputed classic, it’s a key ingredient in some of the most iconic perfumes ever made. Being the second most expensive spice after saffron, its subtlety and complexity has enamoured all.

The sweet, cozy and comforting fragrance of a vanilla has such a pleasant cake-baking feel to it.

The plant itself can be summarised as absolutely mesmerizing. Each vanilla pod is like a tiny world in itself. With thousands of tiny black seeds of around 250 – 500 different flavours and fragrance components, vanilla has a lot to offer.

Originating from Mexico and Guatemala region, Vanilla is a vine-like plant belonging to the orchid family (the oldest and largest flowering plant family in the world). Isn’t it something to wonder that vanilla bean is the only edible fruit of the entire orchid family? Another interesting fact about this wonder plant is that vanilla orchid blooms for just one day and is hand-pollinated to fruition.

A perfect combination of scent, vanilla brings a new dimension to every scent it harmonises with. Its pleasant taste and aroma is non-irritating and offers mild antioxidant and anti-microbial benefits.

Revered in baking and fragrance making, this ubiquitous plant is probably one of the most easily recognised perfume ingredients of all.

If the smell of vanilla triggers the most memorable of memories for you, it’s time you expressed them in the most unique way possible – a bespoke fragrance of course! Get in touch to know more about bespoke fragrances.

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