Your Our Inspiration

The inspiration for the name comes from the oldest known memory of perfumes (Mesopotamia Age: 3000 bc). It is a salute to the key aspect of perfumes being deeply associated with our memories. A throwback to the deep-rooted authenticity that we want to build in the brand.



We believe that perfumes are a luxury that everyone of us should have. Each one of us deserves to feel special. We should have the opportunity of celebrating our memories.

We are bringing together the knowledge of this glorious creative process and blending it with technology. Our effort is to create an opportunity for the world at large to have a deeper understanding about perfumes.


We are committed to helping people enrich their knowledge, embark on their journey of perfume discovery, own and gift this elixir of joy in a bottle. Through our associations with Perfumers and companies we will create a meaningful community for perfume lovers. Here they will be able to indulge in their curiosity and interest. Authenticity of information, service and products will drive all our initiatives with this community.